Mission and Goals

Technical Focus: Digital Imagery Innovations (DII) was formed explore advanced technologies in 3D and 2D imaging, image processing and fusion of multi-sensor imagery data. We seek to utilize the over 100 years of experience of our founders in sensor analysis, image processing and software development to apply these technologies to civilian and military applications.

We look to create unique products and software to enhance the utility of advanced imagery systems. These proprietary technology products or intellectual property solutions will be sold in niche markets or licensed to manufactures.

Founding Personnel

DII was founded in 2013 by three individuals with various unique skills and experience to allow DII pursue its goals. Mr. Frederick Smith has over 35 years of experience in corporate and technology project management. Mr. George Lindquist has over 40 years of experience in electro-optical sensor analysis, design and application, and is also an aerospace engineer. Dr. Brian Mitchell has over 30 years of experience in in mathematics, statistics, image processing, computer vision, human performance, graphics programming environments, and computer gaming.

DII Organization

DII has been created as a partnership between the three founders. While each has separate corporate responsibilities, we will all work closely together to solve our customers’ problems and accomplish DII’s corporate goals. Assigned responsibilities are listed below with links to their resumes.